Among ancient forests and places of worship

Rignano Garganico

Standing on a hill 590 meters high, offering breathtaking views: the Manfredonia Bay and the Gargano mountains.  Among the olive trees appears the church of Madonna di Cristo: inspires peace and recollection, with the facade and valuable “ex voto ” room inside. In Easter is the celebration of the Madonna.

San Marco In Lamis

Here on Good Friday you can see the procession of the “Fracchie“, enormous bonfires on caractheristic carts driven by characters in costume, lead beafore the Addolorata‘s statue alon the street of the centre . We will stop off at the Shrine of S.Maria di Stignano, a place in the medieval-romanesque style: it is located in a valley wich in 1216 seemed to have chermed San Francesco for its light, perfume and colourful flowers.

San Giovanni Rotondo

Originally a medieval farmhouse, San Giovanni Rotondo has become today a global centre of ecumenical pilgrimage. Since Pio, a Capuchin friar from Pietralcina arrived there , he worked in extraordinary way for 52 years, to be proclaimed Saint in 2002. His remains are now found in the crypt of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, enlarged in the late 50s for the huge turnout.. The new church designed by Renzo Piano can hold 7000 faithfuls; shaped like a shell with a vaults and stone arches ,stained glass windows, an altar and cross by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

Monte Sant’ Angelo

 We will  visit the Unesco Word Heritage Site Monte Sant’Angelo, walking trought the neighborhood named Junno, past the bronze door dated 1076, down a stairway hewn into the rock and reach the cave where the Archangel Michael appared in 490. Between the fifth eleventh centuries a shrine was build wich houses the statue of St.Michael, the bishop’s throne, the silver cross of Federico II and the baptismal font.

In the highest part of the centre of Monte Sant’ Angelo, we will reach the Castle with the tower of the Giants. We will walk through shops and bakeries, that smell of bread and stuffed “Ostie” (candy filled with almonds and honey), up to the Tomb of Rotari and the San Francesco complex, wich houses the  Museum of Art and Folk Tradiction of Gargano and workshop of embroidery, lace and crochet.

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